The 30-Days Foundation was founded in November 2010 by Twin Cities Musician and Singer-Songwriter, and charitable event producer and creator Mick Sterling.   

The seed of the idea of the foundation was borne from Sterling's own experiences with family, friend and co-workers, as well as incidents he experienced within a span of two weeks.   Stories of potential evictions, car repairs, utility shut-off's and other real-life issues that everyone goes through from time to time sparked the idea for The 30-Days Foundation.

We celebrate the simple act of kindness by providing one-time financial grants made payable only to the service that needs payment.  We believe that everybody at one time or another needs a little help.  Since 2011, 30-Days has helped over 80,000 individuals and families in the Twin Cities, the State of Minnesota with these issues:


Security Deposits

First Month Rent

Utility Bills

Medical Bills

Emergency Shelter Needs

Transportion Passes

Grocery Gift Cards

Department Store Gift Cards

Pharmacy Needs

Feeding the homeless

and more

We do this by direct payments to service providers and in gift card form to a specific store to assist people in need.  

We believe that every person that is living through difficult times or is facing poverty issues daily, the path toward that reality started with one thing that went wrong.  For the majority of these slides, once one thing happens, another thing happens and problems compound.  

The 30-Days Foundation was created to interrupt the progression of misfortune by taking one burden from those in need and take care of that burden.   This provides the person in need with a fresher perspective on what they need to take care of because they know that one problem is not a problem anymore because of the efforts of The 30-Days Foundation.

Ask. Action. Relief.  Because we've all been there.  Assistance to those in need paid only to the service provider. These are the guiding principles and efforts of The 30-Days Foundation.