Keep The Key

Keep the Key is a program started by The 30-Days Foundation that serves as a bridge between a tenant that is dealing with back rent due of a few hundred dollars to a landlord and a landlord that isn't the bad guy.  They only wants to pay their own bills like anybody does.  

Keep the Key stemmed from multiple emails to The 30-Days Foundation from people who's families fate depended upon as little as $150.   If they had $150, the can pay rent that month. If they don't have it, they would be evicted. Their kids are evicted.  It also means they would have to come up with a security deposit and first and sometimes last month rent as well to move in to a new place. 

Since inception in 2012, the Keep The Key program has helped nearly 700 families from being evicted by providing some assistance at the right time.

The landlord receives some kind of payment, enough for them to not have to serve eviction papers. The person being assisted gets a few more weeks to come up with the remainder needed to stay in their home without the pressure of having to search for funds for a new security deposit payment and first month rent, which in the vast majority of cases, they are unprepared to do. 

Keep the Key serves both tenant and landlord with a plan both parties can benefit so the extreme of either preventing shelter from happening, or going to the extreme of eviction happening.