Welcome to The 30-Days Foundation

The next few months for The 30-Days Foundation promise to be our most exciting and inventive months that could potentially help thousands of Minnesota families and individuals in real-life financial crisis.  

We are thrilled to announce (4) fundraising events between July 30th and September 20th in the Twin Cities.   

1.  LUCKY SUNDAY - A lovely afternoon at Ruppert's Chart House in Lakeville at 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm.  Great silent auction and barbecue meal.  This event is our pre-event party connected with the 6th annual A STROKE OF LUCK Golf Event at Brackett's Crossing.   July 30th.  

2.  A STROKE OF LUCK Golf Event at Brackett's Crossing.  Foursomes can be purchased at www.the30daysfoundation.org and clicking on DONATE.   The cost of a foursome is $700.00   Email us at THE30DAYSFOUNDATION@LIVE.COM for questions.

3. GET YOUR CAPE ON - A 90-minute fundraiser whoever you are!  From 11:30 am -1:00 pm, wear a 30-Days Foundation Super-Hero Cape and help Minnesota families by texting your donation.   Be a super-hero on Thursday, Aug 17th and do whatever you were going to do, just do it in a cape!!  We are proud to be partnering with LOAVES AND FISHES in this effort.  For capes:  THE30DAYSFOUNDATION@LIVE.COM

4.  LET THERE BE DRUMS - 1000 drummers helping 1000 Minnesota families trying to set a world-record as 1000 drummers perform with a 30-piece band the final medley of The Beatles ABBEY ROAD Album.   This is a free event on Sept. 19 at McNally Smith School of Music and the main event on Harriet Island.  

If you have 90-Seconds, please view our video.  This is EXACTLY how our Keep the Key Program works and how the vast majority of our donations work when we are funded to do so:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pe2CXY0wm4

Welcome to The 30-Days Foundation

*If you are interested in donating to our efforts, thank you for that.   We hope what you read on the site encourages you to do so.   It is impossible for us to help others without donors to us.  Thank you for considering us.

*If you are in need of assistance from us, please read what follows because it's very important:



Again, PLEASE read this carefully so your request is sent to us effectively:

**Do not call us for a request.

We do not request this because we don't want to talk to you. We do this so we can document ALL conversations in email form for the safety of all parties involved, for bookeeping records as a non-profit organization, and most importantly, your safety.   If you are reaching us, you are facing some type of burden.  Because of that, we want to make sure that there is no chance of any communication being misconstrued.

**All requests must be in email form

**The 30-Days Foundation is a Minnesota-based 501c3 non-profit organizations that makes donations only to residents of the State of Minnesota

1.  All requests must be emailed to the30daysfoundation@live.com.  If you can text, please text your email address to 952-334-9996 and we will reach you via email.  

2.  We will do our best to reply to your email request within 72 hours of receiving it. If you do not hear from us in 72 hours, please email us at at The30DaysFoundation@live.com or Mspresents@gmail.com

3.  The 30-Days Foundation can not help everyone with their full request, but we will do the best we can to assist with what we have available at the time to assist.  We can only help when we have funds to do so.  If we are not available to assist you, we will inform you that we do not have enough funds to do so at the time of the request.

4.  All potential donations are completely dependent upon funds available in our account at the time of your request.

5.  All donations are ONLY made directly to the service that needs payment, not to the person requesting the assistance.  If you get a gift card, it is not a pre-paid Visa Card. It is a specific store card.  If you get a Holiday or Super America Card, is is a "Fuel Card", not a general SA or Holiday Card.  All bill payments are ONLY made directly to the service provider. 

6.  There are no economic levels that need to be met to ask for assistance.  There are no paper applications.  Simply email your request to us and we will see what we can do to ease some burden if we can.

7.  The 30-Days Foundation is a Minnesota charity. That means we are only allowed to make donations to residents of the State of Minnesota. 




Ohhhhh my gosh!!!! THANK YOU, SO, SO, SO MUCH!!! Completely unexpected for you to pay the new amount!! It will help leaps & bounds!! This will keep me on the reduced billing program because a payment is made! And I was notified by my attorney I WAS APPROVED FOR SSDI!! It will still be up to 60days before I am paid anything.. At least there's an end in sight!! I just needed a bridge, is what I originally requested.. I'm joyfully tearful asking for help made that possible!! Wells Fargo is also willing to modify my mortgage as soon as the award letter arrives. Amazing. God is good. I just can't thank you enough.. Not only will this assistance keep my utilities ON, it will also keep me on the reduced rate program so once I am receiving benefits I'll be able to afford to keep up!! Oh.. I see I'm rambling. I just can't thank you enough or let you know the real impact & good news you may not get to hear often!!
Sincerely, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!
**Go to TESTIMONIALS at the bottom of the cover page to see more!

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Our friends at Amazon Smile are helping The 30-Days Foundation, which really means..you are.   

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About 30 Days

The 30-Days Foundation assists people in real-life financial crisis with a one-time financial grant made payable ONLY to the service provider.

Help Out. Donate.

The 30-Days Foundation depends solely on donations from individuals and companies. Help us help others in need. Thank you.